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Best Business Coaches

You’re on the hunt for success in the business world, aren’t you? You’ll need a top-notch coach to guide you.

Navigating through the maze of business coaches can be overwhelming. Don’t stress! We’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of the best in the business.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned executive, there’s a coach for you. Let’s dive in and find your perfect match.

Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith is one of the world’s most respected business coaches. Born in Valley Station, Kentucky, Goldsmith has risen through the ranks to become a recognized authority in his field. With a philosophy degree from Indiana University and a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, his academic credentials are solid. However, it’s his real-world experience, honed through years of consulting for giants like IBM, AT&T, and General Motors, that truly sets him apart.

Goldsmith’s approach to coaching is rooted in his belief in the potential of individuals to achieve greatness. His motto, ‘Life is Good,’ encapsulates his optimistic perspective on personal growth. He’s not just a coach, but also an author, having penned 40 books on business, coaching, and personal development. His works, such as “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” and “Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts – Becoming the Person You Want to Be,” have influenced many.

A testament to his expertise, he’s been recognized with numerous awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Management Association and the Thinkers50 Leadership Award. His reach is extensive, with 1,375,000 LinkedIn followers and a roster of clients including CEOs from Ford, Pfizer, World Bank, and Best Buy.

You can learn more about Goldsmith’s coaching style and methods on his website, where you’ll find testimonials from clients like Safi Bahcall, who noted the transformative impact of Goldsmith’s coaching. Indeed, Goldsmith’s ability to effect positive change is what makes him a standout in his field.

Alexis Fedor

Why haven’t you explored Alexis Fedor’s unique approach to business coaching, which strikes a perfect balance between intuitive coaching and practical online marketing?

As a performance artist, writer, and founder of Artists In Business, she’s equipped with a distinctive blend of creativity and business acumen that sets her apart in the coaching landscape.

Fedor’s coaching style, marked by her motto ‘Your art. Your business. Your way.’, is a testament to her belief in individuality and personal creative expression. She doesn’t just provide cookie-cutter advice; she adapts her guidance to the specific needs and aspirations of each artist. By doing so, she’s facilitated over $10 million in online art sales, a significant accomplishment that underscores her effectiveness as a business coach.

Her offerings, which include The Profit Canvas Mentorship and the AIB Jumpstart, showcase a clear understanding of the challenges artists face in building successful businesses. These programs encapsulate her compassionate yet no-nonsense approach to business growth, effectively combining intuitive coaching with practical online marketing strategies.

Fedor’s impact and popularity are evident in her robust online presence, with over 10,000 followers on Facebook and 3,000 on Instagram. Her upcoming book, ‘The Profit Canvas: Your art. Your business. Your way.’, promises to further disseminate her innovative coaching philosophy to a wider audience. The book, scheduled to print in 2023 by Scribe Media, is expected to consolidate her standing as one of the best business coaches.

Explore Alexis Fedor’s approach, and you’ll discover a business coach who truly understands the intersection of art and business.

Tony Robbins

You’ve probably heard of Tony Robbins, the renowned life coach and author, but did you know he’s helped millions of people worldwide and even worked with celebrities like Serena Williams and Hugh Jackman? Born in Los Angeles in 1960, Robbins began his career as a motivational speaker and self-help coach, rocketing to fame with his 1986 book, ‘Unlimited Power.’

Robbins’ success lies in his fervent enthusiasm and passion, which he showcases during his speeches and coaching sessions. His motto, ‘Live with passion!’ and his vision of empowering individuals and organizations to improve their quality of life reflects this. His approach has garnered him several awards, including the Golden Gavel Award, The Lifetime Achievement Award, The Humanitarian Award, and a spot on the Influence 100.

Robbins’ offerings include ‘Unleash the Power Within,’ a potent 4-day event focused on unlocking one’s potential, and ‘Tony Robbins Coaching,’ where he personally coaches individuals or groups to reach their goals. His influence extends to more than 1.6 million YouTube subscribers and 6.1 million Facebook followers.

Besides his work with famous personalities, Robbins’ other top books include ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ and ‘Unshakable.’ You can find more about Robbins and his life-changing coaching techniques on his website, His impact is truly far-reaching, with countless testimonials attributing significant life changes to his teachings.

Grant Cardone

In your pursuit of financial freedom, you’ll find Grant Cardone’s approach intriguing and his success in real estate investment, authorship, and entrepreneurship inspiring. Born in Louisiana in 1958, Cardone has built a reputation as a top-tier business coach, with a unique focus on increasing sales. His motto, ‘Be Obsessed or Be Average,’ embodies his vision of helping individuals build lives of prosperity and abundance.

Cardone’s journey began in advertising and automotive sales before establishing his consulting and sales training business, Cardone Enterprises, in 1990. His influence spans across a clientele list that includes big names like SpaceX, Ford, and Google, and he’s garnered over 6.8 million followers on Facebook.

His coaching style emphasizes his sales-centric approach, and he provides these services through various programs, such as the 10x Growth Conference. Here are some key aspects of Cardone’s approach that make him stand out:

  • His focus on sales as a critical factor for success
  • His unique motto that encourages obsession over mediocrity
  • His successful 10x Growth Conference and coaching sessions

Cardone’s contributions have earned him awards like The Huffington Post Entrepreneurship Award in 2013 and the CEO of the Year Award in 2017. His popular books, including “The 10x Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure” and “The Millionaire Booklet: How to Get Super Rich,” embody his teachings.

Robin Sharma

Surprisingly, you’ll find that Robin Sharma’s approach to leadership and personal development is quite unique and effective. Born in Uganda and raised in Canada, Sharma initially pursued a career in law before following his passion for personal development and leadership training. He lives by the motto, “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end,” which is a testament to his belief in the power of growth and transformation.

Sharma’s vision is centered around coaching people to reach their potential through cultivating the right mindset, habits, and skills. His approach is rooted in a growth mindset, which sets him apart from other business coaches. He’s not only recognized for his contribution to leadership development but also garnered several awards including the Golden Gavel Award in 2011, Lifetime Achievement in 2014, and the Business Category Award in 2019.

Sharma’s reach extends beyond individual coaching. He’s offered digital courses and his 5 AM Club Method guide, a testament to his innovative approach to personal development. His influence is notable, with over 4.1 million followers on Facebook and an impressive client list that includes industry giants like FedEx, Nike, IBM, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola.

As an author, Sharma has penned best-selling books such as “The 5 AM Club” and “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,” further cementing his authority in the field of leadership and personal development. You can access more of his insights and work at

John Mattone

You’re now focusing on the expertise of John Mattone, a renowned business coach known for his work in leadership and personal development. Mattone, with his roots in Altoona, Pennsylvania, has taken the corporate world by storm with his distinctive approach to leadership and management.

His well-rounded educational background, including a degree in marketing and management from La Roche College and an MA in organizational psychology from the University of Central Florida, has played a pivotal role in shaping his vision.

Mattone’s mantra, ‘Leadership isn’t a title, it’s a choice,’ reverberates through his work. He places great emphasis on hard work and self-sacrifice, qualities that have led him to become a leading figure in his field. His coaching sessions on Talent Management and Emotional Intelligence have been instrumental in transforming many organizations.

Here are some key points about Mattone that you might find intriguing:

  • His accolades include the World HRD Congress’ Global Leadership Excellence Award and the International Executive Coach Thought Leader of Distinction Award.
  • Mattone has a strong social media presence with over 40,000 followers on Facebook and 20,000 on LinkedIn.
  • He’s worked with high-profile companies like IBM, Pfizer, and McDonald’s Corporation, demonstrating his wide-reaching influence in the business world.

Mattone’s books, such as ‘The Talent Management Handbook’ and ‘Intelligent Leadership,’ exhibit his focus on organizational growth through effective development. Testimonials attest to his competitive yet kind and helpful nature.

To learn more about Mattone’s teachings, visit With Mattone, you’re not just choosing a business coach, you’re opting for a transformative leadership experience.

Nick Loper

Nick Loper’s got over 54,000 followers on Facebook where he shares his side hustle expertise. Born in San Jose, California on June 22, 1983, Loper’s journey in the world of entrepreneurship started after he obtained a finance degree. He worked in finance before launching Side Hustle Nation in 2013, a platform created to provide resources and guidance to budding entrepreneurs.

Loper’s motto, ‘Ideas and action for part-time entrepreneurs,’ clearly encapsulates his vision. He’s focused on empowering entrepreneurs to enhance their businesses, thereby improving their financial state. His unique approach, centered on the concept of a side hustle, sets him apart in the entrepreneurial space.

His work hasn’t gone unnoticed. He was featured in Forbes magazine in 2017 and named in Inc. magazine’s top 20 podcasts to follow in 2020. Loper also runs popular programs like the Side Hustle Society, a premium membership program, and the Flip Your 9-to-5 Summit, a virtual meeting for entrepreneurs.

Aside from his online presence, Loper has authored books including “Work Smarter: 350+ Online Resources Today’s Top Entrepreneurs Use to Increase Productivity and Achieve Their Goals” and “The Side Hustle Path.” He’s worked with successful individuals like Rosemarie Groner, Caitlin Pyle, and Ryan Robinson, further solidifying his reputation in the entrepreneurial world.

Allison Dunn

In the realm of business coaching, you’ll find Allison Dunn at the top, with over 20 years of experience under her belt. A speaker, author, and founder of Deliberate Directions, Dunn is a seasoned business leader based in Seattle, Washington. Her motto, ‘Intentional Growth. Purposeful Results,’ encapsulates her vision of helping entrepreneurs find fulfillment in their businesses through the right tools and guidance.

What sets Dunn apart isn’t only her wealth of experience and expertise but also her unique approach to coaching. She emphasizes the importance of empathy and positivity in organizations, fostering a positive work environment that encourages growth and success.

Here are some key highlights about Dunn:

  • Dunn was recognized as one of the top 100 business coaches to follow in 2019.
  • She offers various programs under Deliberate Directions, including Leadership, Sales, Communication, Strategic Planning, and Time Management training.
  • Dunn is an accomplished author, having written ‘Balance & Control: A Guide to Managing Your Business Through Transition.’

Dunn’s approach to coaching has garnered her over 14,000 followers on LinkedIn and has allowed her to work with a diverse range of industries, from financial firms to tech companies and healthcare organizations. The accolades she’s received, such as ‘Small Business of the Year 2018’ and ‘Outstanding Women in Business 2018’, further attest to her skill and dedication as a business coach.

With her vast experience and innovative approach to business coaching, Allison Dunn can guide you towards intentional growth and purposeful results in your business. As one client, Jeff Clark, attests, Dunn is an outstanding coach to work with.

John Maxwell

While Allison Dunn’s approach to business coaching is indeed impressive, you can’t overlook John Maxwell’s expertise in leadership development and his significant contributions to this field.

Maxwell’s philosophy, ‘Everything rises and falls on leadership,’ captures his steadfast belief in the power of effective leadership. He’s authored over 100 books on the subject, providing valuable insights on success and personal development.

Maxwell’s contributions extend beyond literature. He’s a renowned philanthropist, spearheading initiatives to provide leadership development training to those in need. His John Maxwell Team Global Initiative has been instrumental in empowering individuals to reach their potential, making him a standout in the field of leadership coaching.

Maxwell’s excellence has earned him significant recognition. His accolades include the prestigious Horatio Alger Award, Leadership from the Luminary Leadership Network, and the Mother Teresa Prize for Global Peace. His influence is evident in his substantial social media following, with over 30,000 followers on Facebook and over 900,000 on LinkedIn.

His services and programs, including live events, online resources, and corporate solutions, have proven beneficial for a diverse clientele. Government officials, athletes, non-profit organizations, and Fortune 500 companies have all benefitted from his expertise. His books, such as ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership,’ ‘Everyone Communicates, Few Connect,’ and ‘Developing the Leader Within You,’ are testaments to his profound understanding of leadership.

Barry Moltz

You’ll surely appreciate Barry Moltz’s innovative coaching style, as he’s known for his ability to get entrepreneurs ‘unstuck’ and moving forward with their businesses. With over 25 years of experience in the entrepreneurial industry, Moltz has built a reputation for empowering entrepreneurs and improving small businesses. Applying his motto “Get unstuck and grow forward,” he effectively targets key areas such as cash flow, leadership, and marketing strategies – elements of business that can significantly impact progress if left unattended.

In his illustrious career, Moltz has worked with giants like Microsoft, American Express, and AT&T, and his accomplishments haven’t gone unnoticed. He’s been recognized by media outlets such as CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes as one of the best coaches of his time.

To get a taste of what Moltz offers, consider the following:

  • Scheduled speaking engagements: You can catch Moltz sharing his wisdom and expertise at various events.
  • Consultations and coaching: Get personal guidance tailored to the needs of your business.
  • Workshops: Engage in hands-on learning experiences designed to foster growth and development.

Additionally, Moltz has authored books like “How to Get Unstuck: 25 Ways to Get Your Business Growing Again” and “Bounce! Failure, Resiliency, and the Confidence to Achieve Your Next Great Success.”

With a following of over 8,000 on LinkedIn and over 17,000 on Twitter, Moltz’s influence is undeniable. You can learn more about him at, where you’ll find testimonials praising his ability to provide practical solutions. As ‘The Unstuck Guy,’ Barry Moltz could be just the coach to propel your business forward.

Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham’s got over 10,000 clients worldwide, including renowned companies like IBM, Microsoft, and General Electric. Born in Indiana, USA, he quickly ascended the ranks from a real estate broker to a sales and marketing guru.

Abraham’s approach is unique and effective. He focuses on ‘Your Hidden Wealth,’ seeking out unexploited assets within a business and leveraging them for growth. This innovative tactic hasn’t only been instrumental in his success but has also earned him prestigious awards such as ‘The Top 5 Executive Coaches in the United States’ by Forbes and a spot in the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame.

Abraham’s services span from private consultation sessions to digital programs like JV Mastery, Relational Capital Mastery, and Referral Mastery. These programs are designed to maximize the potential of your business by tapping into hidden resources and employing shrewd marketing strategies.

In addition to his consulting work, Abraham is a prolific author. His books, including “The Sticking Point Solution: 9 Ways to Move Your Business from Stagnation to Stunning Growth” and “Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition,’ are must-reads for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

With a following of over 20,000 on LinkedIn and 65,000 on Facebook, Jay Abraham continues to influence and inspire people interested in business. For more on Abraham and his effective strategies, check out his website at

There’s no doubt that Jay Abraham is one of the best business coaches in the industry today.

Melinda Emerson

In the realm of small business coaching, you can’t overlook Melinda Emerson’s unique approach to ending small business failure. Born in Virginia in 1964, Emerson, also known as ‘The Small Biz Lady,’ is a force to be reckoned with. Her vision isn’t just to coach, but to provide the tools, resources, and advice necessary for small businesses to thrive.

Emerson’s passion for small businesses is evident in her numerous contributions. She initiated the 2008 #SmallBizChat on Twitter, which has grown to be a significant platform for startups. Her awards include the Top 100 Small Business Influencers and the Small Business Administrator’s Hall of Fame. With over 97,000 followers on LinkedIn and 286,000 on Twitter, Emerson’s influence is both vast and impactful.

Here are some key aspects of Emerson’s approach:

  • Consulting Sessions and Global SMB Insights: Emerson provides in-depth analysis and ideation sessions, helping businesses understand their position and potential in the market.
  • Product Bundling and Marketing Execution: She offers strategies for product packaging and market penetration, essential tools for business growth.
  • Social Media Strategy: Recognizing the power of social media for small businesses, Emerson provides strategies for effective online presence and engagement.

Starting as a marketing executive for companies like IBM and Johnson & Johnson, Emerson now runs the consulting firm Quintessence Group. Her books, such as ‘Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months’ and ‘Fix Your Business,’ further showcase her dedication to ending small business failure.

For more on Emerson’s strategies and insights, visit

Steve Mitten

Someone like Steve Mitten can change your perspective on business coaching, but you’ve got to be willing to embrace his unique approach. Born in Canada, he began his career as a business executive before transitioning into a role as a coach and consultant, ultimately founding the Steve Mitten Coaching company. His motto, ‘Unleashing Potential, Achieving Results,’ perfectly encapsulates his mission: to help entrepreneurs and organizations uncover their potential and use it to their advantage, both professionally and personally.

Mitten’s approach is a blend of consulting, coaching, and mentoring, a trifecta that has earned him recognition as one of the industry’s top coaches. His accolades include being named one of the Top 100 Most Inspirational Leaders in coaching by The Leading Edge and earning a spot in the International Coaching Federation’s Circle of Distinction.

You can gain from the wealth of resources Mitten offers, such as the Coaching Tools and Exercises Megapack, Vision and Goal setting toolkit, and Time Management toolkit. His expertise has attracted over 4,000 followers and clients from Fortune 500 companies.

Mitten has also penned influential books like ‘Money and Soul: A Guide to Creating Your Spiritual and Financial Abundance’ and ‘Marketing Essentials for Coaches.’ These provide additional insight into his philosophy and techniques.

Perri Chase

You’re not just dealing with a business coach when you’re working with Perri Chase, but also a spiritual guide who focuses on personal growth and healing, both in and out of the business arena. As the CEO of Archively and, Chase has made it her mission to help people become healthier versions of themselves, using spirituality as a tool for self-improvement.

Perri Chase stands out in the coaching field due to her holistic approach to personal and professional development. She covers a wide range of topics, including sexuality, trauma, relationships, and business, ensuring you get comprehensive guidance. Based in Arizona, United States, Chase offers a variety of programs and services tailored to help you achieve personal development and spiritual growth.

To give you an idea, here are some of the programs she offers:

  • The Flagship program: A comprehensive course aimed at holistic personal development.
  • Map to a 6 Figure Business: A 2-day workshop designed to equip you with the skills to scale your business.
  • Personalized coaching services: Customized plans to meet your specific needs.

Chase’s unique approach has garnered a considerable following, with over 3,000 dedicated followers on LinkedIn and 7,000 followers on Facebook. This indicates her credibility and the high level of trust she’s managed to build with her audience.

Alan Melton

Working with Alan Melton, you’re getting more than just a business coach; you’re also gaining a mentor who’s committed to boosting your sales and reducing work time. Alan’s dedication to small businesses sets him apart in the industry. With over two decades of experience guiding entrepreneurs, he’s honed techniques and strategies that have earned him recognition both locally and globally.

As the founder of Empire Business Brokers, LLC and, Alan has made a significant impact in the business coaching world. He’s not just a Certified Family Business Advisor and Business Coach, but also holds accolades from Hubspot and Influence Digest Magazine. These achievements testify to his potential to transform your business.

Alan’s programs are comprehensive and tailored to fit the needs of small businesses. They include a Complimentary Strategy session, a Webinar Series, and Small Business Valuation, each one designed to nurture and grow your business.

His book ‘Small Business Solutions’ serves as another testament to his commitment to small businesses. This resource is packed with practical solutions designed to help you navigate the complexities of running a business.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media presence. With over 600 followers on Facebook, Alan uses this platform to connect and engage with businesses, offering insights and advice.

In choosing Alan Melton, you’re choosing a coach with a proven track record, one who’ll work tirelessly to help you achieve your business goals. Visit to discover more about his unique approach to business coaching.

How to Choose the Best Business Coach

Surprisingly, you’ll find that choosing the best business coach isn’t just about their experience and track record, but also their ability to communicate effectively and their diverse approach to coaching. You need someone who can listen to your business concerns, ask insightful questions, and guide you through the complexities of the business world.

Look for a coach who can prove they’ve a wealth of experience. This can be verified through their credentials, client reviews, and testimonials. The more positive feedback a coach has, the more likely they’re to provide a valuable service.

A clean track record is crucial. This means they’ve consistently provided excellent service and have a reputation for delivering results.

Good communication skills are vital. They should have the ability to understand your viewpoint, express their thoughts clearly, and stimulate a productive conversation.

A diverse coaching approach is beneficial. It implies a coach has a broad understanding of various business sectors and strategies, providing you with a range of options when formulating actionable plans.

Remember, the best business coach for you won’t necessarily be the most experienced or the one with the most impressive credentials. They should be someone who understands your business needs, communicates effectively, and utilizes a diverse coaching approach. After all, your business is unique, and the coaching you receive should reflect that.


Choosing the best business coach is crucial for your success.

From Marshall Goldsmith’s behavioral coaching to Tony Robbins’ motivational strategies, each offers unique methods.

Alexis Fedor’s expertise in online businesses, Grant Cardone’s sales techniques, or Robin Sharma’s leadership advice could be what you need.

Consider Steve Mitten for marketing, Perri Chase for startups, or Alan Melton for small businesses.

Analyze your needs, research well, and choose wisely to ensure your business thrives.