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Best Affiliate Marketing Coaches

We’ve compiled a list of the top professionals in the field. They’ve got the know-how to guide you, whether you’re just starting out or looking to up your game.

Dive into this article and discover how these coaches can transform your approach to affiliate marketing. You’re about to take your skills to the next level!

Keep reading below or read the Commission Conspiracy 2.0 review here.

Commission Conspiracy 2.0 – Jason Calouri and Donathon Gamble

Jason Caluori and Donothan Gamble, with their combined 30 years of online experience, put together ALL THREE pieces you need in order to make website affiliate profits. Just one or two of the pieces wouldn’t be enough. The perfect storm of all 3 fitting together perfectly is what makes Commission Conspiracy 2.0 so uniquely effective… just copy EXACTLY what they show you to do.

Those 3 pieces include: 

1) Harnessing Jason’s keyword pinpointing method to identify low and now competition Google keywords, and a corresponding exact match domain for your websites! This is the step where you PINPOINT your “gold mine” of value! Keywords low enough in volume that they are easy to rank for, but swarming with high dollar financial traffic!

2) Harnessing Donothan’s Content Is King Kong methods for SECURING your keyword “gold mine” using very specific templates and technology to dominate the competition like an 800 pound gorilla up against a little pip-squeak mouse! By securing your keywords, now Google will place your searches on page 1, and even #1 for lucrative keyword search phrases in the financial and crypto niche!

3) Harnessing your new website, which is now rich with value, it’s a breeze to get formerly almost EXCLUSIVE gold companies to roll out the red carpet and give you the king’s welcome, while they EXTRACT the gold, paying you richly! 

We advise that your website “gold mine” refer people to at LEAST three of these different high quality gold companies, each of which have incredibly talented sales people! (And many offer celeb endorsements, like 4-time Super Bowl Champion, Joe Montana, or action movie star, Chuck Norris!)

These sales people, with out any additional responsibilities, once your visitors fill out their forms, predictably turn into 10% commissions on high ticket gold purchases and other precious metals!

Donothan has five different gold companies working to EXTRACT the gold on one of his websites, and he gets around $20,000 per month EACH! Adding up to $100,000 per month in pure PROFIT!

Here’s what is included for you as one of our Underground Members of CWR:

 >> Our full training on financial affiliate SEO free traffic marketing and conversion tactics!

 >> Setup your financial affiliate website and join the “financial market takeover” and get approved for the top affiliate programs in the space that pay huge commissions!

 >> Our 90-day Jedi Jump Start training, already prepared and ready to go!  

 >> The “Sell your site” training – we’ve sold sites for over $400,000 and want you to as well! Selling affiliate sites has never been hotter then now! Multiples are skyrocketing

Yes! We sold out our exclusive mastermind, with 100% success, for thousands per month, with this EXACT STEP BY STEP training. You get the full training, and LOTS of extras, like webinars and our terrific Facebook group.

(The only component not included, from the thousands per month mastermind, is the 1-on-1 coaching, allowing us to hold your costs down.)

Here’s how to join:

Here’s what you’re getting:

– Our full training on financial affiliate marketing and conversion tactics

– Setup your financial affiliate website and join the “financial market takeover”

– 90 days of coaching office hours, which we’ll hold every week

– The “Sell your site” training – we’ve sold sites for over $400,000 and want you to as well! Selling affiliate sites has never been hotter than now! Multiples are skyrocketing

Adam Enfroy

Why haven’t you considered Adam Enfroy’s strategies for growing your affiliate marketing business yet? The man is a titan in the affiliate marketing world, with the fastest-growing blog in the industry. He’s a master at SEO, using it effectively to attract leads, customers, and potential clients. His techniques could be the game changer your business needs.

Enfroy isn’t just an affiliate marketing guru, he’s a coach with impressive accolades. He’s the ability to mentor you to grow your business exponentially. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford coaching, don’t fret. Enfroy offers several affiliate training programs that are as informative as his coaching sessions. His comprehensive courses are designed to equip you with the tools you need to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Moreover, his community of over 100,000 others who’ve gone through his masterclass and 2,600+ students in his Blog Growth Engine coaching program, testify to the effectiveness of his methods. You’re not just getting a coach, but a community that provides unlimited support and accountability.

In his Free Blogging Mini Course and 80-Minute Masterclass, you’ll get a taste of his expertise. You’ll learn how to leverage AI to scale content production, the science of blogging, and how to unearth the best keywords in your niche. Plus, you’ll get a crash course in affiliate marketing, learning how to turn your blog into a money-making machine.

Craig Campbell

You’re missing out on a wealth of knowledge in the field of affiliate marketing if you don’t take advantage of Craig Campbell’s coaching expertise, a man with years of success under his belt. He’s a speaker and a bona fide legend in the business, recognized as one of the world’s top-tier affiliate marketing coaches. With a track record that speaks volumes, he brings a tangible value to his coaching sessions, whether one-on-one or through his affiliate programs.

Campbell doesn’t just keep his expertise behind closed doors. He’s a regular figure on global stages, teaching newbies how to scale their business using SEO affiliate marketing. He’s a pro at simplifying complex concepts, making the world of affiliate marketing more accessible, and less intimidating for beginners. He’s not just giving you theories, he’s teaching proven strategies that have worked for him and countless others.

But there’s more to Campbell’s coaching than just sessions and talks. He offers an exclusive Private SEO Mastermind program. Here, you can delve deeper into SEO with case studies, live tests, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). You’ll get to understand his thought processes and participate in live group coaching sessions. He even provides online courses tailored to your needs.

You won’t feel left out as he holds private podcasts and weekly Q&A sessions exclusive to the community. It’s a gold mine of insider information and practical strategies you won’t find elsewhere. So if you’re serious about affiliate marketing, Craig Campbell is your go-to guy. You’re not just learning from a coach, you’re learning from a legend.

Sharon Gourlay

Where could you find a better mentor for affiliate marketing than Sharon Gourlay, and have you considered enrolling in her free course with Travelpayouts Academy? As an expert affiliate marketer and founder of Digital Nomad Wannabe, Sharon has a wealth of practical knowledge to offer. Her journey from family travel blogger to successful digital nomad shows her ability to adapt and thrive in the digital world.

Here are four key reasons why Sharon stands out as a top-notch affiliate marketing coach:

  1. Practical, Actionable Advice: Sharon’s guidance is based on her real-life experiences. She doesn’t just tell you what to do; she shows you how.
  2. Dedication to Helping Digital Nomads: She understands the unique challenges of being a digital nomad and is committed to helping others overcome these obstacles.
  3. Expertise in Affiliate Marketing: She’s been there, done that, and now she’s teaching others how to do it successfully.
  4. Free Course with Travelpayouts Academy: Her free course, Boost Travel Affiliate Revenue Using SEO, offers a comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing.

Sharon’s expertise doesn’t stop at affiliate marketing; she’s also a pro in SEO, blogging for money, and creating successful niche sites. So, if you’re looking for a mentor who can offer in-depth knowledge and a clear, engaging teaching style, Sharon Gourlay is your go-to. She’s able to explain complex concepts in an understandable manner, making your venture into affiliate marketing less daunting and more exciting.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out her course and see for yourself!

Shelley Marmour

If you’re looking for a coach who’s experienced dramatic income growth through affiliate marketing, then Shelley Marmour is the one to watch. She’s not just an accomplished marketer; she’s a passionate travel blogger who turned her love for Mexico into a lucrative venture.

In 2020, Shelley launched her first website, Travel Mexico Solo, but initially, it failed to generate revenue. That’s when she decided to invest in coaching services. She hired Laura from Scale Your Travel Blog, and the results were staggering. In just one year, she multiplied her income by 30 times. Today, she’s aiming for the seven-figure mark by 2023.

Shelley’s journey didn’t end there. She took her newfound expertise and created Travel Blogging 101, a platform to share her knowledge and help other travel bloggers. She’s an active coach, offering services and courses, and manages an engaging Facebook group.

What sets Shelley apart is her no-nonsense attitude. She’s honest and transparent, offering clear guidance without the fluff. She’s not just telling you what to do; she’s sharing her journey, the lessons she’s learned, and the strategies that worked for her.

Her speciality? Niche markets, buyer-intent keywords, and affiliate SEO. She’ll help you find the keywords that will earn you more money. So, if you’re ready to take your affiliate marketing to the next level, Shelley Marmour is the coach you’ve been looking for.

To learn more, visit Travel Blogging 101 or join her Facebook group.

Mike & Laura: Scale Your Travel Blog

Mike & Laura’s travel blog coaching program combines real-world experiences and proven strategies. It is designed to guide you step-by-step towards financial freedom. Their journey to success began with their decision to travel the world in 2017. This eventually led them to transform their passion for travel into a profitable business. With their course, Scale Your Travel Blog, they have put their experiences and knowledge into a structured, comprehensive program to help others replicate their success.

Here’s what makes Mike & Laura’s coaching program stand out:

  1. Firsthand Experience: They have been in your shoes. They know what it’s like to start a travel blog from scratch and turn it into a full-time income source. They have been through the trials and errors, and they are now sharing their proven strategies with you.
  2. Group Coaching: They offer a comprehensive group coaching program. This means you’re not just reading or watching content, but getting personal, interactive support.
  3. Resources & Tools: They provide a variety of resources including site audits, a private Facebook mastermind group, and step-by-step modules. These tools are designed to provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed.
  4. Dedication: Mike & Laura are dedicated to your success. They have shown their commitment by consistently providing personalized support to their students.

Their unique approach to affiliate marketing coaching is unsurpassed. They will break down complex concepts into understandable steps, ensuring you’re equipped to scale your travel blog and achieve financial freedom.

Discover more about Mike & Laura’s coaching program, and start your journey to success today.

Jessie Festa: Jessie on a Journey

During your journey into affiliate marketing, you’ll find that Jessie Festa not only shares her personal experiences but also provides valuable resources, both free and paid, to help you succeed. Jessie’s approach is relatable and transparent, openly sharing her wisdom and insights gained from her own odyssey in the field.

She started as a waitress, stumbled upon a travel writing class, and realized she could earn while exploring the world. Now, she’s not just running a profitable travel blog but also guiding others, like you, to do the same.

One of her free resources, the Affiliate Email Freebie, is perfect if you’re just dipping your toes into affiliate marketing. It’s a great start to understand the basics without any financial commitment. Yet, she doesn’t stop there. She also offers an Affiliate Marketing Masterclass, a paid resource that outlines her step-by-step strategy to earn money by promoting affiliate partners. It’s a deeper dive into the world of affiliate marketing, offering expert guidance, templates, and real-life examples.

You see, Jessie’s not just a successful travel blogger. She’s a thought leader in the field of affiliate marketing, committed to your success. She empowers you to create a profitable affiliate business, providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to thrive.

Leane Scott

You’ll appreciate how Leane Scott, the founder of Passive Income Superstars, simplifies complex affiliate marketing concepts into easy-to-understand steps. Leane, once a travel blogger herself, sought ways to monetize her content, leading her into the world of affiliate marketing. She soon recognized the power of passive income and crafted a successful blueprint for earning consistently from her blog.

Passive Income Superstars was born from Leane’s desire to share these hard-earned lessons with other aspiring bloggers and content creators. She embodies the belief that you don’t need a massive following to earn money with your blog. Instead, she champions the strategic approach to passive income, stressing the importance of connection, trust, and authenticity.

  1. Connection: Leane encourages you to connect with your audience on a personal level, understanding their needs and interests to provide relevant recommendations.
  2. Trust: Building trust with your audience is crucial in affiliate marketing. Leane teaches you how to promote products you believe in, fostering credibility.
  3. Authenticity: Being genuine is key. Leane guides you to stay authentic in your promotions, making your recommendations more relatable and convincing.
  4. Strategic Approach: Leane’s method focuses on strategic planning. She helps you to lay a solid foundation for long-term growth in your affiliate marketing journey.

Leane’s commitment to breaking down complex concepts into manageable steps makes Passive Income Superstars stand out. Her guidance isn’t just about quick wins, but about developing a sustainable, income-generating blog based on trust and authenticity.

Dive into Passive Income Superstars and its affiliate marketing courses to begin your journey to passive income today.

Spencer Mecham

In Spencer Mecham’s Buildapreneur platform, you’ll find a goldmine of resources dedicated to mastering affiliate marketing. This isn’t your average ‘get rich quick’ scheme, but a comprehensive education hub designed to cultivate your affiliate marketing skills. With Spencer’s guidance, you can build a solid foundation and grow a profitable online business.

Spencer doesn’t just talk the talk; he’s walked the path himself. He’s not just a coach; he’s a successful affiliate marketer who willingly discloses his earnings to validate his claims. He believes in sharing his knowledge, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from his YouTube channel — free, practical advice rooted in his real-world experience.

His courses aren’t just about theory. They’re about practical, actionable steps that have been proven to work. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned marketer, you’ll learn how to create sales funnels, use email marketing effectively, and optimize your strategies to maximize revenue.

Coaching services are another major component of Buildapreneur. You’re not left to wade through the waters alone. Spencer offers personalized guidance to help you navigate the challenging terrain of affiliate marketing.

In a world where many ‘gurus’ guard their secrets, Spencer Mecham stands out. He’s transparent, authentic, and genuinely dedicated to helping you succeed. With Buildapreneur, you’re not just learning affiliate marketing; you’re gaining a mentor who’s invested in your success.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Every month, you can see Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s earnings of around $50,000 from affiliate marketing alone, a testament to her skills and expertise. This lady isn’t just making a living; she’s making a fortune, and she’s ready to show you how. She started her journey with a personal finance blog, and through consistent exploration and practice, she’s become a top-notch affiliate marketing coach.

Michelle’s approach is grounded in transparency and authenticity. She’s not about get-rich-quick schemes. It’s her honest and relatable journey that makes her stand out. But what can you learn from her? Here’s a taste:

  1. Creating a Successful Strategy: Michelle’s success didn’t happen overnight. She’s spent years refining a strategy that consistently generates income. You’ll get the blueprint to replicate this.
  2. Unlocking Passive Income: She’ll show you how to work smart, not hard. Her focus is on creating passive income streams through affiliate marketing.
  3. Relating to Your Audience: Michelle’s strength lies in her relatability. She’ll teach you how to connect with your audience on a personal level, making your marketing efforts more effective.
  4. Managing Finances Effectively: As a personal finance guru, she’s got a knack for money management. You’ll learn how to manage your earnings to ensure sustainable growth.


In conclusion, finding the best affiliate marketing coach is crucial to skyrocket your business.

Whether it’s Adam Enfroy’s strategic insights, Craig Campbell’s SEO expertise, or Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s proven techniques, there’s a coach for every need.

With their guidance, you’ll navigate the complex terrain of affiliate marketing with ease.

So, don’t wait, start learning from these experts today, and watch your affiliate marketing game reach new heights.