Travis Speegle’s My Peep’s 2.0 List Building Course: An In-Depth Review

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, building a robust email list is a crucial strategy for businesses aiming to increase their reach and foster lasting relationships with their audience. Recognizing this need, Travis Speegle, a renowned figure in the online marketing realm, has crafted a comprehensive course dedicated to the art and science of list building. This review delves into the depths of his course, assessing its content, methodology, and overall value to both novice and experienced marketers.

Who is Travis Speegle?

Travis Speegle has made a name for himself as a digital marketing expert, particularly in the realms of affiliate marketing and email list building. With years of experience under his belt, Speegle has successfully navigated the complexities of online marketing, driving significant traffic and revenue through his strategic insights. His expertise is not just in generating numbers but in cultivating genuine connections with audiences, a philosophy that stands at the core of his teachings.

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My Peep’s 2.0 Course Overview

Speegle’s list building course is designed to serve as a comprehensive guide for digital marketers, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs looking to expand their email lists effectively and ethically. The course covers a wide array of topics, starting from the basics of email marketing to advanced strategies for segmentation, engagement, and conversion. Here is what is included and some of the key areas the course touches upon:

  • Here’s what you get:
  • Instant access Travis’s new training showing how he just generated over 45,000 new leads in a few weeks for a one-person health info product.
  • Lifetime access to ALL the recordings.
  • Download ALL the handouts, worksheets and trainings.
  • LIVE access to the new “Copy/Paste” class where you’ll discover the hottest list-building offers you can model ASAP!
  • Real-time comment section to have all your questions answered.
  • Download my highest-converting LANDING pages
  • Download my highest-converting THANK YOU pages
  • Bonus Resources and Tools
  • And much, much more.  

Travis Sago Shogun Bonuses Now Included


Bonus 1: The $250,000 Rainmaker Kit


Travis ran this Rainmaker and sold out 100 spots at $2500.

No webinars.

No sales peeps.

Not even any tappers.

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BONUS 2: M.D.M.S. The Million Dollar Marketing Sequence


Travis Sago created MDMS as an affiliate when I had a 10,000-person PROSPECT LIST…

He was selling low-ticket thangs.

$27 to $497 or so.

And getting 50% commish on average.

He’d be disappointed if an MDMS campaign didn’t pull off AT LEAST 200 or 300 sales.

It wasn’t unusual to hit 500.

His best was 800 sales.

What WAS unusual was HOW MUCH PEOPLE LOVED to BUY when he used M.D.M.S.

People would thank him.

People got excited.

People would tell other people so they could get in on it, too.

Now, I want to give you that MOJO too.

MDMS is still the core of most of his campaigns.

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Bonus 3: Big Ticket Email Mojo


Travis eventually “graduated” from lower ticket things to selling $2k to $10k things.

He refused to live with a phone jammed in my ear doing sales calls all day.

(And we didn’t have DM really.)

So, Travis designed a special order page he called a G3: GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!

And applied some MDMS methods, with even deeper rapport and trust building.

Next thing ya know, this dufus from Arkansas was selling a hundred or two hundred $2,000 things in a Rainmaker Campaign. (Which I give you every email, the G3 the Whole enchilada in Bonus 1.)


Bonus 4: The Shogun Traffic Method


Too juicy to describe it all on this page, but here is a quick overview for ya.

In a world that changes every 20 days…

It might surprise ya that the first time I used the Shogun Traffic Method was in 2004.

20 years ago!

In 2004…

Travis couldn’t afford to blow $100 to $1000 a day “testing” traffic. 😶‍🌫️

He needed…

👌cheap traffic (that I could test for $50 or less)

👌that ALSO converted to SALES

👌that he didn’t have to jump through all kinds of hoops like elaborate websites trying to keep his “quality score” up.

👌He wanted to send that traffic ANYWHERE he wanted…to affiliate offers, build my list, etc, without getting my ad disapproved…or getting it approved one day and then banned the next day.

👌that traffic NOWer.

👌traffic he could buy even cheaper when it WORKED. Travis kept getting ruined by the PPC platform when his clicks go from 50 cents a click to $5 a click overnight. It sucks to go from making $300 a day to losing $300 a day.

👌traffic he could buy even cheaper when it DIDN’T WORK! Try asking Google, “Hey, that traffic made a few sales, but I’m not profitable. What can you do for me?” – but with STM, he has turned losing campaigns into profit champs in ONE convo.

With STM, it wasn’t crazy to 5X or 10X my “ad spend” every month…

He had a PayDay Loan offer he was promoting where he spent $200 a month and made $2,000 a month from ONE advertiser for almost a year….with NO changes. It only ended because the offer owner changed the offer.

He had dozens of similar Shogun setups…in all kinds of niches.

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Some of them didn’t work out, no sweat. He wasn’t risking much to test.


Mr. Big Potato britches may squeal, “This is small taters!”🥔


Mr(s). Small Tater laughs all the way to the bank, though, because one of the things that make the Shogun Traffic Method work is BECAUSE all the big Taters aren’t interested.

The reason the STM works is because…


We do fun deals with folks that don’t MAKE THEIR DANG LIVING through selling advertising.


Now, here’s some news you don’t wanna snooze!

In 2004…

The Shogun Traffic Method was way HARDER than it is now in 2024.

20 years ago there weren’t many influencers who controlled traffic like today.

In fact, we didn’t even USE the word influencers.


According to Google, there are 50 million people who consider themselves content creators/influencers today.

Last year…

Travis worked 1:1 with 


 to put the Shogun Traffic Method to work for his newsletter.

He immediately started doing deals.

It is not hard when you are trying to give people money:-)

And because they don’t make their living selling ads…

… we got deals for as low as $7.50.

(We bought 10 spots from that dude and crushed. We got 22 optins on average and made a sale in roughly 1:10. We are still advertising with this dude. I will continue to advertise with him.)

Now, we had our losers too.

But most of our tests were under $200…many of them under $100

And we got optins every time…(and when you go Shogun you’ll get MDMS and Big Ticket Email Mojo to convert those peeps later.)

Travis had James do it for our newsletter and we worked deals with newsletter OWNERS who don’t sell ads for a living.


It can work for ANY influencer traffic.

FB groups.




Anywhere there is an influencer with the eyeballs you want WHO DOESN’T MAKE A LIVING SELLING ADS.

This worked in 2004 buying banner spots on forums, websites and eZines (what we call newsletters now)…

It works even BETTER…waaay better…in 2024 because there are millions of influencers who have the niche attention of folks and they don’t make their living typically selling ads.

As long as there are influencers with a following…who don’t make a living selling ads…it will work in 2044.

Travis had James shoot some over-the-shoulder videos on how we do it for company use.

He recorded actual deal convos from reaching out to payment.

He put all the responses in a Google Doc.

One thing that will save you a fortune is ONE SENTENCE we use that gets people to chop their prices down by 50% on the test…and then further reductions after the test…up to 20%.

Travis can drive traffic to ANY OFFER I WANT…

If he wanted more Beamer deals…he can drive traffic and leads.

If he wanted to sell crypto offers…he can do that.

If he wanted to sell weight loss…he can do that. (Try that on FB.)

If he wanted to sell stuff on micro-dosing mushrooms…he can do that.

This method is a way of living…


The Shogun Traffic Method is about tapping into influencers’ traffic at ridiculously cheap and low risk and then OWNING our own media.

Travis has been able to do it since 2004.

He showed James and now he can do it.

He did it so well…

He had him document and record it…

I want YOU to have The Shogun Traffic Method as BONUS #4 (of 5) when you go Shogun.

===> Go Shogun here

Bonus 5: One Shogun Millions

One Shogun Millions with a 1000 Person Email List (Grand Finale Bonus)

===>Go MyPeeps 2.0 plus Shogun Here

Great job Shogun!


@ Travis Speegle

 you’re gonna have a list of 1000 in short order.

With the Shogun Bonus Package Bonuses 1-4, you’ll see and soak in examples and know how to run 6th-grader simple campaigns to make it rain.

You know what you still need?

A way to monetize that doesn’t have you busier than a beaver…or needing to hire a team to do it.

Most marketers only use one or two ways…

They sell their own prahdukt.

Or they sell as an affiliate.

Nothing wrong with either of those…

But if you wanna make mid-six figures or a cool million a year…

They are slow…

They require HUGE LISTS…

They will require a small team…or working your fingers to a nub.

Ask me how I KNOW! 🫤

Travis has built 38,000-person lists. Many, many times.

He did okay with them, too.

Selling stuff as an affiliate. (Low, mid and Hi ticket.)

But a millie a year okay?

Not even close.

Travis thought having my own prahdukt may be the answer?

After a year…

He built my own prahdukt.

Launched it.

Did okay.

But a millie a year okay?


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Finally, he did what he does best.

Instead of following the “rules”…

He went renegade.

He tapped into my “resourceful muscle” he earned as the oldest of 4 kids in a poor family.

(He calls it Ronin now!) 😎

He put together a list of less than 500 people.

It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t that hard either.

(The way 

@ Travis Speegle

 does it is way easier.)

But he did something different…

Waaay different…

Than just sell them a prahdukt.

He’d never seen anyone else do it.

Travis STILL don’t see folks do it much today really.

Within 2 years…

Not only did he make a million…

But he KEPT a million.

He banked a million dollars free and clear…after taxes…after expenses…after everything.

It was only Travis for the first year or so…then he hired an assistant.

I am going to share with you the way he did it.


I will share FIVE OTHER ways he has done it since then.

Get My Peeps 2.0 plus Shogun bonses and see how he did it

What Sets This Course Apart?

Real-World Insights

One of the course’s standout features is Speegle’s focus on real-world applications and case studies. He shares his own experiences, both successes and setbacks, providing learners with practical insights that go beyond theoretical knowledge.

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Interactive Learning Experience

The course is not just a series of lectures. It includes interactive elements such as quizzes, assignments, and live Q&A sessions. This hands-on approach ensures that learners can apply the concepts they’ve learned in a practical context.

Community Support

Enrollees gain access to an exclusive community of like-minded individuals. This community aspect fosters networking opportunities, peer support, and the exchange of ideas, which can be invaluable for both budding and seasoned marketers.

Continuous Updates

Recognizing that digital marketing is a rapidly changing field, Speegle commits to regularly updating the course content. This means that students have access to the latest strategies and tools, keeping them ahead of the curve.

Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive. Comprehensive coverage of list-building strategies.
  • Real-life examples and case studies.
  • Interactive learning experience.
  • Access to an exclusive community.
  • Continuous updates to course content.


  • The price point may be a barrier for some potential learners (although is is really affordable and one of the best investments you can make for yourself.
  • A few hours of time is needed to fully benefit from the course.


Travis Speegle’s My Peep’s 2.0 list building course stands as a robust resource for anyone looking to master the art of email marketing. With its blend of foundational knowledge, advanced strategies, and real-world applications, the course offers immense value to its participants. While the investment in terms of both time and money is considerable, the potential returns in terms of list growth, engagement, and ultimately, revenue, make it a worthwhile endeavor. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your existing strategies, Speegle’s course is a compelling choice that promises to equip you with the tools you need to succeed in the competitive world of digital marketing.

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